Vehicle fleet

Several information about our fleet
- We use the vehicles of brands like Mercedes, Renault and DAF.
- All vehicles meet the emission standards EURO 5 and EEV.
- Vehicles have a loading height from 2.2 m to 3.0 m.
- All vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking equipment.


Every vehicle is equipped with GPS satellite tracking, which is used to control routes, mileage, observance of rest, etc. It is also used for external purposes of the company, it also notices the actual position of customer loads or more precisely determine the time of delivery. The customer can be informed about the location of their load.


17cbm / 6 europallets / 1,2t
KCLDelivery with pack-sheet
19 cbm / 8 europallets / 1,5t
KCLTruck to 7,5t
40cbm / 16 europallets / 3,4t
KCLStandard semi-trailer
90cbm / 34 europallets / 24t
100cbm / 34 europallets / 24t
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